Surfing is one of those activities in which the more you put in the more you get out.  it is also unfortunately definitely not as easy as it looks! Often quite a steep learning curve and challengE.

FIRST lesson!
however, the rewards and the massive smile after that 1st good wave are unforgettable! WE GENERALLY recommend at least 3 lessons to have the skills, technique, safety to handle your self in the ocean and confidence to continue on surfing successfully into the future. In THE first lesson it's all about nailing the correct technique, learning how to safely handle your self and your surfboard in the ocean. wE THEN GET INTO catching your 1st waves and discovering how much fun surfing is! Its all about great ocean fun and doing it safely.

For most surfers THE SECOND LESSON is generally where you get all the reward frOM all thE hard work OF THE FIRST LESSON. In THE SECOND lesson I find surfers BEGIN TO FAMILIARISE THEMSELVES WITH the location, their equipment and me AS THEIR COACH, so they are able to COMBINE All the skills GAINED in lesson one AND TURN IT INTO some great fun surfing.   Furthermore we work on more advanced skills from nailing ultra fast pop ups, riding long waves, fast paddling out and even turning on waves.

In YOUR THIRD lesson confidence and excitement is high and WE aim to prefect any small impurities or possible bad little habits that mAY START DEVELOPING. WE ALSO FOCUS ON turning both forehand and backhand to give the surfer ultimate control AND advanced skills, un broken wave take off techniques and paddling out the back to THE bigger waves if THEY ARE UP FOR A CHALLENGE.  the possibilities are endless.  The aim after a THIRD lesson IS FOR THE SURFER to be able to continue on surfing with passion,  safety and A great skill set TO TAKE into the future FOR MANY SURFING YEARS TO COME!