The Charlies Surf School Story

Growing up in the beautiful sea side town of Robe it was always going to be in my blood to love surfing. However it was only after working in surf camps in France, Portugal and Fiji it occurred to me perhaps there must be a few people in my home town of Robe that may like to learn how to surf. It began teaching a few friends, stemming form that, a few of their friends friends and so on. In 2009 I decided to put out a white board advertising surfing lessons out the front of the local surf shop (the iconic ‘Steves Place’). from one summer to the next, surf classes have just become busier and busier. I have a lot of local support to thank and the great local Robe community. Also fabulous word of mouth advertising, from what I like to think of as the Charlie’s Surf School extended family of the happy Robe holiday-ers, that spread the word of happy beach days and come back year after year with the next generation of surfers.